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Discover Effortless Taiji Power:
Deploy 'song' or loosenss

By Understanding and using yin-yang in Push Hands Training. But really, its Not about "Pushing" ... Its more like Sensing Hands Training

Sifu E. K Yeap's Live Sensing Hands Training

Sifu Yeap has trained more than two thousand students and has appeared numerous times on TV. His methods are contemporary and easy to understand. 

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As Seen On

Appearance on Malaysian television TV3.

Sifu Yeap on TV3

Some Students who Have Trained with Sifu E.K Yeap

Past Students

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Beginner's Wellness Taiji Course 

Highlights of Beginner's course

Have more energy through Tai chi breathing, standing meditation, and slow controlled movements.

This is an online video course hosted on our membership site.

Advanced Tai chi

Recorded class

Sanjeev Nanavati

Highlights of Course

Awareness - Raise your awareness with centering and focus training.  

Road map to move ahead.
Nei gong

Push Hands Live Classes
(and Personal Classes)

Highlights of Course

Empower yourself to bounce off in-coming forces, and challenges and feel confident to neutralize and deflect them.

This is a LIVE event, and held in Workshop or Private one-to-one sessions.
3 Day Intense course available

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E.K Yeap

About E. K Yeap 

Master E.K Yeap is Founder and lead Trainer of Wellness BioChi Academy. He is the author of 2 books on Centering, Relaxation and Power, and another on Food, Mind and Heart. He has personally mentored over 2000 students, and was chosen to teach at Citibank, Nestle, KWSP, Prudential UK, Exxon Mobil Singapore, Petronas Bhd., PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), and many others. 

He empowers others to Relax, Center and Be Alert, literally saving students the 15 - 20 years learning curve in the area of Mind Body training and inner-power development.  

He teaches students to Awaken their power from within, and Deploy the processes and skills, to Empower themselves and their loved ones. 

His popular courses also cover the diverse ancient arts of 

Tai chi (Taiji) and chi kung (Qigong), self defence, to leading edge science including neurobiology, thought technology and genes awakening methods. 

E.K Yeap has appeared on several National television programs: RTM 1, TV2, TV3, and TheStarOnline, Berita Harian.

He was featured in Malaysia Hari Ini (Malaysia Today), and then was invited to showcase Tai chi as one of the four modes of exercises in a 13 week episode of ‘Get in Shape’ aired on the popular RTM 2 in Malaysia in 2010.

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Feedback From Students

Several Students share their feedback

Feedback from 5 participants.


Feedback from enthusiast who has practiced Tai chi for several decades

Fam W.Y

After completed 3 months of Tai Chi Sensing Hands training with Sifu E.K Yeap, I found myself gain more in-depth knowledge of Tai Chi especially on the core concept understanding of 'song'.

I start to understand the meaning of 'song'. Although it might take some time for me to practice and able to be able to really 'song', but by touching hand with Sifu, I'm able to feel and sense what Sifu mean by 'song'.

I found that by able to 'song', many of the application movements becomes effortless. I also gain more sensitivity and listening skill by practice touching hand and push hand with Sifu.

I also train weapon (short stick) where I learn how to project the intention to the weapon and apply the sticking power using the weapon.

I truly understand now what it means by weapon is just the extension of hand.

Online Feedback

Listen to what other participants are saying.

They are students from earlier courses.

Recorded mini session

Listen to what other participants are saying.

They are students from earlier courses.

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